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For single men and women struggling with romance, or couples seeking better communication .

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If you are struggling with jealousy, anger, low self-esteem, or emotional issues of any kind, fear not.

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Use Hypnosis to help you unlock your greatest strength and grow, both in work and in life.

Learn relaxation strategies for reducing anxiety, and visualization strategies to overcome fear.

Practice assertiveness training, be comfortable being yourself, and taking control of situations.

Use Tranceformation Hypnosis & Counseling to resolve whatever is holding you back from your goals.

Aury L
Josh is very good, he made me feel comfortable and showed me different points of view that I never thought of.  He was very nice and pleasant as well as caring. He is top notch.  You will see results by having him as your therapist.
Ellen S
This was my very first time doing hypnosis and I am glad it was with Josh. The first part of the session we spoke about what I wanted to work on and he helped me realize several things that were in front of me and I had not noticed before. He just has a great way of wording things that none of my therapists were able to point out to me. The hypnosis in itself was very interesting and very relaxing in a sense. I would definitely do this again.
Don H
The best Hypnotherapist that I’ve ever came across!! Honestly, worth every single penny. If you’re dealing with any problem, again, ANY PROBLEM,  Joshua is the person to come to!! He can also work through video call which is pretty cool as well, and it feels as if the therapy sessions were in person! Thank you so much Joshua!!