HI I’m Joshua Dietz!

Growing up, I had quite the vivid imagination.  Engrossed by tales of wonder - the kind found in science fiction films and comic books - I often envisioned a life of heroism and super-powered ability (as a child is want to do).  A popular topic of discussion among my friends, if you could have any super power what would it be?  Raised on a steady diet of Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy and Professor Charles Xavier of Marvel Comics fame, the answer was easy: the power of the mind.  At that time I had little inkling as to how that childhood curiosity would shape my life, and yet it did.  Profoundly.

When I entered college, I did so to study Psychology.  I always had a deep fascination regarding the inner workings of people, and took to it with great aplomb.  Over the next ten years I would immerse myself in the world of Cognitive-Behavioral, Clinical, Developmental, Personality, Sport, and Social Psychology; later incorporating Neuroscience, Neurolinguistic programming, and of course, Hypnosis.  After earning my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, I quickly took up posts working with the economically and developmentally disadvantaged, juvenile delinquents, parents and children, as well as individuals with both recreational and pathological habits of substance use.

I have worked in substance abuse laboratories conducting brain imaging studies on amphetamine use, clinics oriented toward peaceful parenting, and collaborated on studies examining ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic differences in leadership roles.  Currently, I teach undergraduate psychology at colleges throughout New York.


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